Chandel Butterburry: revolutionary, visionary and enfant terrible of the modern day artworld has fallen on hard times. Armed only with his unconventional take on reality, his limitless creativity and an arsenol of actual weapons, he and his singular ally, caretaker/manager Alexey, navigate the real world in order to re-stake his claim over the dominion of the Artistic Elite.

Fraught with moments of laughter, tears, beauty, cruelty, fragility and breathtaking monuments of aesthetic achievement, The Burden of Genius takes you inside the mind of the creator of pre-postmodernism and into the heart of a tortured soul.


Age: 33
Birthplace: Chantilly, France
Favourite Food: Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Cheesecake Ice Cream
Scent: Whipped Cream, Paint Thinner
Wears: Smock, Cut-off Gloves, Hair Elastics, Dragon Tail
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Considered by many to be the greatest artist in the world. Creator of numerous art movements, including destructivism, fleeting art, the art of sudden violence, and pre-post modernism.


Age: 39
Birthplace: Parts unknown, not Belarus, that's for sure
Favourite Food: Caviar
Scent: Drakkar Noir
Wears: Gucci, Hugo Boss, custom tailored suits, sunglasses
Sexual Orientation: Womanizer

Handles all of Chandel's bookings, openings, marketing, sales, feedings, sedations, accommodations, public appearances, bailouts and other legal affairs.